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New Magazine Launches: A 3rd Quarter Report

New magazine launches slowed down in the third quarter of 2010 compared to that of 2009. The total number of new launches was 186 compared with 211 in 2009. The net result was a negative 25 titles. Add to that … Continue reading

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Crazy or Not, Athlon Sports launches with 7,000,000 circulation

So, what do you think Experience Makers? Does a launch of a new magazine with 7,000,000 renew your faith in ink-on-paper or do you think this is the industry making its last stand. Check out my post here and get … Continue reading

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Mozines™ are here… Is this the future?

A new way to deliver magazines on all types of mobile platforms. Read my interview with Mozines™ creator and let me know what you think. The interview can be accessed here Read the interview and post your comments.

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Unbecoming Southern Living…

This is a reprint of my Mr. Magazine blog entry found on Let me know what you think? In a land not far far away there used to be a great magazine called Southern Living. It was the pride … Continue reading

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So you want to start a magazine!

Well, you are not alone. Almost every one and his/her cousin want to start a magazine. You have heard my take on starting a magazine and you have read the chapters in your text book about the subject matter. Now, … Continue reading

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Good writers are good readers…

What follows are the best magazine articles ever written according to the KK* Cool Tools blog. Click here to find the top 25 articles and start reading. Remember to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. … Continue reading

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Get ready to become a Magazine Maker…

The first step to magazine making is to know and understand what is out there, what is working and what is not. Your ultimate goal is to identify the hot and the cold magazines in the marketplace and see what … Continue reading

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